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Wed.-Fri., Sept. 19, 2008 Names of States 1. Chén : a small state loc. south of Sòng and north of Ch ; its rulers bore the surname Gu ǔ ī ; they were said to descended from Shùn 2. Sh n ē ī : a tiny state loc. at a militarily strategic place near the conjuction of the borders of Zh u, Zhèng and Ch . It’s rulers were originally surnamed Ji ng ō ǔ ā ī [cf. W Ji ng in the ǔ ā story about Zhèng Zhu ng-g ng; she came from there] but the state was later absorbed and ā ō administered by Ch . Its Ch administrators were called “dukes,” g ng. ǔ ǔ ō 3. Wú : a coastal state loc. in what is now southern Ji ngs province; it was supposedly a J ā ū ī ī surname state, the rulers of which were descended from the elder sons of the pre-dynastic Zh u chieftain G g ng D nfù. The rulers of Wú, like those of Ch , were technically
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