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Constellation List -- ISP 205L – Spring 2008 Constellation (pronunciation) Meaning Major Star(s) Andromeda (an-drah’-mee-dah) Daughter Aquila (aak’-gui-lah) Eagle Altair (aal-tair’) Auriga (aw-rhy’-gah) Charioteer Capella (ka-pell’-ah) Bootes (boh-oh’-teez) Herdsman Arcturus (ark-tour’-us) Canis Major (cain’-us may’-jer) Big Dog Sirius (sear’-ee-us) Canis Minor (cain’-us my’-ner) Little Dog Procyon (pro’-see-on) Cassiopeia (cass-ee-oh-pee’-yah) Queen Cepheus (see’-fee-us) King Corona Borealis (co-row’-na bore- ee-al’-is) Northern Crown Cygnus (sig’-nus) Swan Deneb (den’-ebb) Gemini (jem’-i-nye) Twins Pollux (pahl’-lux), Castor (kass’- ter) Leo (lee’-oh)
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Unformatted text preview: Lion Regulus (reg-you-lus) Lyra (lye-ra) Lyre (harp) Vega (vee-gah) Orion (oh-rye-un) Hunter Betelgeuse (bett-el-joose), Rigel (rye-jel) Pegasus (peg-ah-sus) Flying Horse (Great Square) Perseus (purr-see-us) Hero Sagittarius (saa-ji-tair-ee-us) Centaur Archer (teapot) Scorpius (score-pee-us) Scorpion Antares (an-tair-eez) Taurus (taw-russ) Bull Aldebaran (aal-deb-bar-on), Pleiades (M45) Ursa Major (er-sah may-jer) Big Bear (Big Dipper) Ursa Minor (er-sah my-ner) Little Bear (Little Dipper) Polaris (poh-lair-us) (North Star) Virgo (vir-go) Maiden Spica (spy-ka)...
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