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Soc155w lect 3 - Lecture 3 Soc 155w Key concepts...

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Lecture 3: Soc 155w Key concepts o Cross-border dialogue o Placing women at the center o Discourse A set of ideas and practices, that when taken together, organize both the way a society defines certain truths about itself and the way it puts together social power. ….Patricia Hill Collins, 2005 Set of ideas; the ideas floating around society Legitimates the way things are o Ideology A body of ideas reflecting the interests of a particular social group. Racism, sexism, and heterosexism all have ideologies that support social inequality. Ideologies are never static and always have internal contradictions. o Globalization The increasing concentration of capital in the hands of a relatively small number of transnational corps Two effects of globalization are greater influence on the world economy that that of nation-states and a global distribution of wealth, and poverty that privileges Western European, North American, and other advanced industrial nations. Structural Analysis
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Soc155w lect 3 - Lecture 3 Soc 155w Key concepts...

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