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soc155w lec 7 - Capitalism, patriarchal, and violence...

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Capitalism, patriarchal, and violence Mexico: Structural and social Violence o 1/3 of women in health centers are victims of domestic violence o In 2001, one agency reported that at least 80% of women works in Mexico city experienced sexual harassment o Women are concentrated in lower paying occupations. Some employers also require pr-employment pregnancy tests and, counter to Mexican law, expose pregnant women to hazardous conditions to make them quite thereby avoiding extensive maternity protection o If a minor (ages 12-18) is raped, the criminal code allows a judge to dismiss charges if the persons involved voluntarily marry o A 2001 report by UNICEF and DIF estimated that between 16-30g children are involved in commercial sexual exploitation Structural violence in US o 05, the Mexican govt said 441 of its citizens died on the border, most in Az o 03, 5000-6000 unaccompanied migrant children contrary to the USA own guidelines and international standards, were detained in some cases for months o In oct. 03, AI called on the California prison authorities to rescind a policy allowing male guards to conduct “pat down” (clothed body) searches of women prisoners which included touching intimate parts of the inmates
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soc155w lec 7 - Capitalism, patriarchal, and violence...

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