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Upasana Sonik Global Studies 1 TA: Dan Fibiger July 23, 2008 Reading Logs Week 5 Reading Log #1: Ainslee Embree “Imperialism and Decolonization” Ainslee Embree’s Imperialism and Decolonization , details examples of Imperialism and Decolonization throughout history in which Embree states that decolonization is “not so much a reversal of imperialism as an aspect of the same process,” (192). Embree differentiates the old imperialism from the new one in which indigenous civilizations were not destroyed unlike in the earlier period of the European expansion. Embree states that the commonly accepted explanation of the Europeans expanding overseas is due to economic reasons. Embree differentiates decolonization from imperialism in the fact that there were more nationalist movements during the period of imperial domination. Thus, thus processes of imperialism and decolonization brought about many different types of civilizations, cultures, religions, etc… into society. This can be related to Olaudah Equiano’s Kidnapped, Enslaved, and Sold Away, ca. 1756 , being that Africans were being brought into this new country to work and survive, which the aftermath was of new civilizations, cultures, religions, and ethnic ideas being introduced to the United States. Reading Log #2: Frantz Fanon “Concerning Violence” Frantz Fanon’s Concerning Violence , details how decolonization turns a system upside down which brings froth no compromise. Fanon states that the only way to overthrow the system is through violence. There are differences between the colonizers and the colonized, such as the colonizers have food while the colonized are starving. It is an unjust system in which brings sorrow and death to the affected societies and to history. This can be related to the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen , being that although there are to be some rights for the colonized in order to keep control and order, they were never respected because they seem to just be written on paper to fool people. Reading Log #3: Albert Memmi “The Two Answers of the Colonized” Albert Memmi’s The Two Answers of the Colonized , details the way the colonized people are easily influenced by the colonizers. African women try to uncurl their hair, hurt their skin to try to look whiter. Jewish people try to take out their soul, that being “irremediable bad.” It is a weird psychological analysis that in which the suppresser, tries to be like the one whom suppressing him. This structure of assimilation and how it works can be related to Frantz Fanon’s
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Reading Logs 3 - Upasana Sonik Global Studies 1 TA: Dan...

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