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Lecture 14 - Lecture 14 I II III IV V Ideology of the other...

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Lecture 14 I. Ideology of the other II. “civilization” III.orientalism IV. Orientalism in real time” V. Video clip Construction of the Other Othering o People theorize that one function of culture is to distinguish one culture from another Colonialism and civilization (Patterson) o Colonialism—ancient practice of exploitation used by Western Eurasia from 16 th century esp when allied with idea of ‘civilization’ o Practice normalized through a discourse of civilized vs. barbaric Civilization vs. savagery o Historical antecedents Tends to legitimate other inequalities of race, class, gender, and religion. o Modern idea of civilization (post 18 th century) Ideas of ‘refinement’, superiority, and entitlement (we deserve this) o Mirror opposites of civilization Civilized=Nature
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Uncivilized= primary unrefined o Civilization presupposed a system of social stratification Edward Said’s Critique: Orientalism o Orientalism= bad word cuz of Edward Said o
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