MODULE1_HW3_Fal08_231 - Math 231 Homework #3 If you are...

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Math 231 Homework #3 If you are having trouble with some aspect of the homework you should ask before the homework is due. Beware that email is a poor vehicle for teaching math so plan accordingly and strive to ask questions in-person. MECHANICS OF COMPLETING THIS HOMEWORK All work is to be done by hand (a basic calculator may be used; however, advanced calculator functions should not). Show all work in detail. Answers alone are not enough. This homework is to be done individually. You may compare your answers with others, but take care that you understand everything on your own. Ask questions in class so you may do well on the exam. Note: be careful not to rely on email dialog with the instructor between the last class before an exam and the exam date. This last minute effort rarely helps. Keep your own notes on things you may not understand so you will have a record and can ask questions. It is recommended you keep your own copy of the homework so you can keep studying during the period I have the homework in my possession for grading, which may be during the days leading up to the exam. Since we are using standard-sized paper copying should be a snap. Ask questions if something is unclear. Start early so you will have time to ask questions before the homework is due, have time to compare answers, etc with your classmates, and get outside help if needed. In addition to all the other modes of learning the material (lecture, reading, use of outside sources, etc), good exam preparation appears highly dependent upon the cycle of attempting homework, asking questions if necessary (of the instructor, tutor, classmates, etc) to polish your understanding, and then completing homework. Success is more likely when students find ways to facilitate this type of learning cycle.
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MODULE1_HW3_Fal08_231 - Math 231 Homework #3 If you are...

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