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Quiz for Chinese Lit - Quiz (Introduction to Chinese...

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Quiz (Introduction to Chinese Literature), Directions: the quiz consists of two parts. In the first part, there are two quotes from two texts. Locate each quote and read it carefully. They may deal with similar or different issues. When you discuss them in details, do not simply discuss one quote, then move onto another. You need to synthesize them in a big paragraph as to the underlining theme, motif, or a hidden central issue, etc. In Part II, the question is not based on quotes. You yourself need to dig out some key words, or symbols, etc. You can give some summaries. However, your analysis should go beyond what is on the surface. Basically, you need to offer your own interpretation as to their life mode, background, or fate, etc. Good luck. Part I “ I just feel now that I’m someone who’s diseased. It’s a fact that I was abused by a large number of Jap devils. I don’t remember the exact number. In any case, I’m unclean, and with such a black mark I don’t expect any good fortune to come my way. I
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Quiz for Chinese Lit - Quiz (Introduction to Chinese...

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