ex5 - 4. The embryos kept at 16C underwent cell division...

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Exercise 5 Analysis 1. The zone of cell division is the meristematic region where cells are undergoing the many phases of mitosis. The zone of elongation is where the cells are increasing in size, particularly along the axis of the root. The zone of differentiation/maturation is where the cells begin to finish developing and maturing. 2. The root cap was stained by Safranin and the zones of elongation and differentiation were stained by the Fast Green. These stains could show where more cell division was happening (in the root) and where cell elongation was happening (in the zone of elongation). 3. The sea urchin zygote developed through mitosis and it’s cells divided continuously (blastula at 128 cells). The cells increased in number but not size until it got to the blastula phase and beyond, where the size started to increase.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The embryos kept at 16C underwent cell division faster than those kept at room temperature. This is probably because the 16C environment is more like a sea urchins natural habitat which is more suitable for sea urchin embryo development. 5. Sample # Dilution Average number of sperm per large box Calculated Sperm/mL Tube 1 1:100 4112 41,120,000 Tube 2 1:200 2056 20,560,000 Tube 3 1:400 1028 10,280,000 Tube 4 1:800 514 5,140,000 Tube 5 1:1600 257 2,570,000 Tube 6 1:3200 149 1,490,000 Tube 7 1:6400 47 470,000 Tube 8 1:12800 Too dilute Too dilute 6. The LiCl seemed to have an inverse relationship with the sea urchin embryos. As the concentration of LiCl became larger, the amount of living sea urchin embryos decreased, although there were still some present. 7. Didnt do this part of the lab...
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ex5 - 4. The embryos kept at 16C underwent cell division...

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