ex6 - increases The polarity and solubility of these...

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Exercise 6 Analysis 1. Mg Chl/mL = (.306)x(.02)+ (.636)x(.008)=  .011208 mg Chl/mL 2. C 1 (3)=(.011208 mg Chl/mL)(1) C 1 =(.011208 mg Chl/mL)/3=  .003736 mg Chl/mL 3. a. mg Chl a/mL= (.636)x(.013)-(.306)x(.0027)=  .0074418 mg Chl a/mL b. mg Chl b/mL= (.306)x(.023)-(.636)x(.0047)=   .0040488 mg Chl b/mL 4. mg Chl b/mL=.011208 mg Chl/mL - .0074418 mg Chl a/mL=  .0037662 mg Chl b/ mL Although this value does not match exactly the value found in 3b, it is very close  with only a difference of .0002826 mg Chl b/mL. 5. (.0074418 mg Chl a/mL) /(.0040488 mg Chl b/mL)= ratio of  1.83802608  (1.838  a:1 b) 6. Height of solvent front from the origin= 90 mm Pigment Height (mm) R f Beta-carotene 84 84/90= .933 Chlorophyll a 60 60/90= .667 Chlorophyll b 37 37/90= .411 As the R f  value of a pigment decreases, the polarity and solubility of the pigment 
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Unformatted text preview: increases. The polarity and solubility of these pigments, ranked from least to greatest go in the order of Beta-carotene, Chlorophyll a, and Chlorophyll b. 7. The phycocyanins were more negatively charged than the phycoerythrins. The DEAE was positive and the Tris solutions were more and more ionic as the concentration increased, and as it dripped through the column, the stronger solutions would pull down the proteins with them. Since the phycoerythrins came down earlier, they were pulled down by a weaker charge and were thus less negative than the phycocyanins. 8. Pigment Wavelength in blue region (400-500 nm) Wavelength in red region (600-700 nm) Chlorophyll a 435 665 Chlorophyll b 455 615...
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ex6 - increases The polarity and solubility of these...

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