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856a344cf35abf60e1a538827c9dc312aa850a53.xlsx Instructions 1 How to submit Excel Problem Sets Cornell Code of Academic Integrity Econ 1110: Introductory Microeconomics Problem Set #6 Fall 2008, Prof. John M. Abowd Assigned: October 10, 2008 Due: Octobr 17, 2008 at 5:00pm This problem set consists of one problem, worth a total of 40 possible points . Grade: Comments: Name: Betsy Distelburger Net ID:BDD35 Section #:215 TA Name:James Cowan INSTRUCTIONS 1. Fill in your name, net ID, section number and TA name in the above box. You will lose 10 points if any of this information is missing. 2. You must use EXCEL 2007 to complete this assignment. 3. This problem set has a single question, in the worksheet labelled "6.1" below. Put your answers directly in the worksheet with the question. This question has multiple parts, be sure to answer each part fully.
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Unformatted text preview: Use text boxes for written answers and graph labels. 4. Print Preview your problem set before submitting it, to ensure that your TA can read it easily. You will lose points if your answer is sloppy or difficult to read. 5. When you are done, submit your problem set electronically. For instructions on how to do this, follow the link at the bottom of this box. READ THIS CAREFULLY: You are expected to answer these questions yourself. You should not copy any part of another student's spreadsheet. If you submit another student's answers, you will be subject to penalties under the Cornell Code of Academic Integrity (see link below). You may work in groups, but you must submit answers that you wrote yourself, not copies of group answers....
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