September 17 - 2.3-1: Primary Production (slide 32 – 35)...

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Unformatted text preview: 2.3-1: Primary Production (slide 32 – 35) Primary Production – the direct use of nature capital and therefore linked w/environmental effects – – The environmental effects of primary production are typically tied quite closely to industry trip It is therefore useful to describe those impacts according to the main primary production industries Agriculture: some examples: 1. – – – Antibiotic Resistance Big problem Due to excessive use of antibiotics in livestock Livestock disease spread is directly linked to spreading of disease therefore excessively fed antibiotics – Bus that survive antibiotics are resistant therefore resulting in resistance 2. Carbon release to the atmosphere – Due to burning and soil tillage clearing land – Plough soil carbon release 3. Methane gas emission – - due to enteric fermentation (farting cows) in livestock and vegetative decay in rice paddies – Methane has 1000x the warming effect of CO2 – NZ = #1 green house gas contributor is sheep 4. Vegetative diversity loss – Due to concentration in specific seed varieties – We are increasing risk (ex: portfolio w/shock – there is a variety therefore decreasing risk or all loss) – Collective rational? No / individual? Yes farmers POV 5. Water Pollution – Elevated biological oxygen demand (BOD) and bacterial contamination due to animal excrement – Therefore decrease O2 for other species / e-coli contamination (b/c of farm animals poo) – Eutrification (killed off by amount of algae) due to phosphate and nitrogen rich fertilizer use (limited) – – – Fertilizers are primarily phosphate and nitrogen and wash into aquatic system therefore increasing algae Marine system salt water Aquatic System fresh water ...
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September 17 - 2.3-1: Primary Production (slide 32 – 35)...

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