hwk_answers_6 - Quiz: Homework Set 6

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https://angel.msu.edu/section/content/default.asp?WCI=pgTool%5FQu. .. 1 of 3 11/1/2007 4:43 PM Homework Set 6 1. [1 pt. each] Using the Hertzprung-Russell diagram in the sketch, match the number with the type of star that is located at that position. 1. Star 1 2. Star 2 3. Star 3 4. Star 4 5. Star 5 6. Star 6 6 A. Our Sun. 6 B. Supergiant. 6 C. Main sequence M star. 6 D. Red Giant. 6 E. White dwarf. 6 F. Main sequence O star. Answer: A:2, B:5, C:3, D:4, E:6, F:1 2. [1 pt each] The dashed red line on the H-R diagram (below) sketches the evolutionary path of a star similar to the Sun. Match each of the numbered points along the path with the description of what is happening to the star. 1. Point 1 2. Point 2 3. Point 3 4. Point 4 5. Point 5 6. Point 6 6 A. Burning H in core. 6 B. Inert core; He and H burning shells. 6 C. Core is inert; burning H in shell. 6 D. Expelling outer envelope. 6
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hwk_answers_6 - Quiz: Homework Set 6

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