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Spring 2008 Spring 2008 EACL 017: Possessing Women EACL 017: Possessing Women Syllabus- Syllabus- 1 Crosslisted with GSOC and COML MWF 11, EDUC 008 Linda Chance, East Asian Languages & Civilizations Office: Williams 852, 898-6334 (direct line), 898-7466 for messages Hours: M 2-4, and by appointment lchance@sas.upenn.edu CONTENT : A man from Tennessee writes Memoirs of a Geisha . A Japanese novelist tells the story of the "comfort women" who served the Japanese army. A tenth century courtier poses as a woman writing the first woman's diary. Poets from Byron to Robert Lowell, through Ezra Pound to Li Po, have written as though they were women, decrying their painful situations. Is something wrong with this picture, or is "woman" such a fascinating position from which to speak that writers can hardly help trying it on for size? In this course we will look at male literary impersonators of women as well as women writers. Our questions will include who speaks in literature for female prostitutes--whose bodies are in some sense the property of men-- and what happens when women inhabit the bodies of other women via spirit possession. Readings draw on the Japanese tradition, which is especially rich in such cases, and also American, British, South African, Greek, Israeli and Chinese literature. Supplementary readings include feminist criticism. PEDAGOGY : The core of the university is the process of "the long quest and slow discovery, the quiet expanding influence of personality upon personality, of mind upon mind, the silent interdependent growth of knowledge and power and spirit, the slow, unconscious advance towards maturity, from day to day, in both teacher and taught." --Charles C. Osgood EVALUATION : Participation and preparation 20%, reading journal and other informal writing 25%, statement of issues 5%, Wiki project 20%, final paper project 30%. Participation : Questions we will explore over the semester will come from you as much as from me. Once during the semester, you will be asked to lead part of the discussion with a classmate. You will contribute your questions and comments in class, but you are also encouraged to write them to the message board area of the website, so that all members of the class may see them and respond. I will use the website to give you hints about reading, and to post other announcements. The website can be found at http://courseweb.library.upenn.edu The listserv is another way to communicate with your classmates. That address is EALC017-401-08c@lists.upenn.edu Please remember not to hit the "reply" key unless you want the entire list to see your message! Participation means both active contribution in discussions and active listening to your
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Possessingsyllabus.08 - Spring 2008 EACL 017: Possessing...

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