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Response: Beckett and Sassoon Evidence indicates that current anti-crime policies were created in rushed attempt by political activism to “get tough on crime” in response to a moral panic. Legislative induced judicial constraints like mandatory sentencing have acted to increase prison populations dramatically over the last twenty years. Beckett and Sassoon argue that elements of social investment, harm reduction, alternative sentencing, rehabilitation reintegration and disarmament might be key fundamentals in repairing this criminal methodology. In one specific example, they argue that the Dutch experience provides support that drug decriminalization not only decreases use but also ensures appropriate services for those with serious drug problems. Essentially, an approach to crime reduction follows activities in social rehabilitation. I support this argument and the idea that applying a solution prior to the advent of
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Unformatted text preview: a problem is a novel approach in American law enforcement. Rather then “gather the usual suspects” instead consider the process of crime. Consider livable wages within America’s epicenters; consider job placement and the effects of deindustrialization. Consider not only that skilled labor is decreasing but also that economic separation is dramatically increasing. Consider that the majority of undereducated individuals within the United States are working service oriented employment, earning minimum wage and lacking affordable healthcare. Beckett and Sassoon depict obvious inequities within our social and criminal justice system. Although massive social reform is a gateway for possible change, it is improbable that those in power will adopt this methodology....
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