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Response: Citizens, Cops and Power Local communities and Law Enforcement have long touted the benefits of community policing as an effective tool for enforcing social order and fighting crime. Herbert argues that this style of Law Enforcement strains relations between community advocates and local police. He maintains that community based policing in law enforcement places too much emphasis on community action and thus is rooted in failure. Herbert supports his argument in a social exploration centering on the fundamental ideals of community development and the obstacles that befall community organizations. In addition, he correlates these concepts with three models for state-society relations. His argument is centered on the concept that community policing fails not simply because of inadequate support from individuals but also from insufficient backing by local
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Unformatted text preview: government. Herbert presents a strong, well-supported argument against local community based initiatives. It seems that these support systems merely serve to falsely assure citizens of safety in the guise of active participation in local law enforcement. Upon reflecting on this reading, it is difficult to imagine a scenario that would serve to meet the issues of the local community along with the objectivity of law enforcement. The resulting portrayal is a tangled web wrought with ambiguous law enforcement, stagnant community groups, apathetic citizens, and results driven political figures. Thus, any adequate solution must include all vested shareholders (including all their inadequacies). Can community be an effective partner with law enforcement? After considering Herbert’s points, the answer seems insistently negative....
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