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Response: The Media, Moral Panics and the Politics of Crime Control The increase in the prison population is not a direct result of increased crime but instead a media caused moral panic over violence and drug use. Chiricos states that moral panics are a tool utilized by our political leaders to allow for a greater expansion of governmental power over individuals. Additionally, he describes how many government officials are failing to recognize that crime and drug use are a direct result of the ”de-investment and de-skilling” of our inner-city neighborhoods. Chiricos supports these conclusions through a process of analysis in media coverage dating from the fall of 1986 through early 1994. He cleverly coincides this data with specific action based political responses on the local and national level. He points out that an increased interest in crime and drugs coming “Out of the Ghetto” and thus “Spreading to Our Children” has been the basis for panic based legislation. Chiricos explains that this legislation has caused dissimilarity in judicial penalties applying to
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