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Response: Citizens, Cops and Power Chapter 4 - 6 Community policing has been recently praised as an effective vehicle for law enforcement. Herbert contends that “perhaps it is time to abandon community policing, to give up the ghost”. He supports his argument by illustrating the confounding factors that oppose this program; the subculture of local police, the pathway of community police relations, and the “unbearable lightness of community”. Herbert contends that because of the coercive nature of law enforcement, local police officers are not a means toward community building. Instead, he asserts that citizens should hold the state accountable for those “policies most directly connected to urban neighborhoods”. Herbert maintains that future projects targeted at community regeneration should narrow, not enlarge the role and scope of law enforcement. Although I agree with Herbert’s conclusion that community policing is an inadequate vehicle for law enforcement, I disagree with his contention that state accountability be a future solution. Instead, I
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