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Sheet1 Page 1 1. Epic of Gilgamesh 2. Hammurabi 3. Egyptian Religion 4. Hatshepsut 5. Akhenaton/Amenhotep IV 6. The Phoenicians 7. Hebrews (Be sure to consider the Old Testament, Judah, Israel, and religion) 8. Cyrus the Great 9. Zoroastrianism 10. Jainism 11. Siddhartha Gautama
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Chandragupta 13. Ashoka 14. Confucius 15. Legalism 16. The Greek Polis (include political life too) 17. Greek war with Persia (499-479 B.C.E.) 18. Philosophy during the Age of Pericles 19. Philip II 20. Alexander the Great...
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