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2008_06_05_12_30_21 - urea BIBC 103 Quiz#2 Name fir-For 1...

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Unformatted text preview: , urea BIBC 103 Quiz #2 Name; _ ' ' ' fir-For 1. What protein will you be extracting from turnips in this lab? lot? I” axial 6L» /‘€/ 2 /How much of a 4M stock solution of Ammonium Sulfate (AS) will you need to add to a SmL sample of . turnip crude extract to get a final concentration of 1.4M AS? um £1532”: (ax/mi Wm z mom} in ML at“me rum-r + -. a L. q , | . , If 0 ? T ,. {1-11 , ' _ -——-'—"‘-———w-—->’ : I .f‘ ‘1 .I 3. D . ale/X fl I IS a commonly used method li‘or rieni/ovmg‘s zlts or other small molegules from solutions of proteins or other large molecules. 4. Given a solution containing proteins of sizes 10kDa, ZOkDa and 30kDa placed into tubing with a molecular weight cutoff of 25kDa, which size(s) of proteins will be retained INSIDE the tubing? a. lOkDa b. ZOkDa . 30kDa . Both a and b e. a,bandc 5. 1 drop of Q (9'0 is used as a preservative in storing your protein samples in this lab. Quiz #3 13ch 1 UI Name: F~—‘ 03 What substrate are we using in our enzyme activity assay? A? l" I What type of assay are we using to measure the protein concentration of our peroxidase samples? €041} If“? Coo assie Brilliant Blue G dye binds principally to arginine, lysine and histidine side chains under (ACIchlBASIC) conditions. (Circle one) What inexpensive and readily available protein will be used as a standard protein in the assay described in question #2? “A Name one of the three amino acids that are detected by measuring the absorbance of a protein sample at 280nm. Hm F we ...
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