MC 2525 News critique assignment

MC 2525 News critique assignment - 2) In your News...

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MC2525 NEWS CRITIQUE (Worth: 10% of Final Grade) One of the primary objectives for this course is to develop an ability to critically engage and evaluate the attempts of persuasion you regularly encounter. For this assignment, you will be analyzing a newspaper article for its persuasive characteristics. If you are interested, see “Analyzing a News Article” (Borchers, p. 123) for an example of a brief analysis. 1) Find and cut out a newspaper article that demonstrates any TWO of the following characteristics of the news: personalized, dramatized, fragmented and normalized. Selection Requirements: The article must be selected from either the following newspapers: The Advocate or New York Times . (These newspapers are freely available on campus in front of Middleton Library and Coates Hall on weekdays. FYI: Your best chances of picking one up are in the morning!) The article must be from the “A” Section of the newspaper.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) In your News Critique:-Clearly identify the TWO characteristics and explain how each one is demonstrated in the article; and-Discuss how those characteristics make the article persuasive and compelling when compared to the other articles on that page or in that section. Submission Requirements: • Your critique must to be typed and written in complete sentences. • The critique must be double-spaced and no longer than one page in length. • The newsprint copy of the article must be attached to your critique with your name written on it. (“Attached” means stapled, taped, or paper-clipped.) • Points will be deducted from your grade if your submission does not follow ALL of the above requirements. DUE ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS NOTE: Any work done is expected to be your own and not in collaboration with any classmates....
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MC 2525 News critique assignment - 2) In your News...

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