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MC 2525 Persuaders video notes

MC 2525 Persuaders video notes - Clotaire Rapaille claims...

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The Persuaders Video Guide Correspondent: Douglas Rushkoff 1. Introduction : a high-concept marketing campaign for new low-cost airline Song. Significant terms, people and examples: clutter, Andy Spade 2. Emotional Branding : The new approach to marketing today emphasizes not what the product does but what it “means.” Significant terms, people and examples: pseudo-spiritual marketing, Douglas Atkin and creating cult-like devotion, Kevin Roberts and lovemarks—Saturn Homecoming, Tide, Cheerios 3. Transcending the Clutter: Old advertising models are starting to break down and advertisers are pursuing new techniques—including product placement—that blur the boundaries between content and advertising. Significant terms, people and examples: commerce meets content— Castaway and Fed Ex, Absolut Vodka and Sex in the City, BMW short films, American Express campaign, Mark Crispin Miller on advertising- friendly culture 4. The Science of Selling
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Unformatted text preview: : Clotaire Rapaille claims to have figured out consumers’ hidden desires. Significant terms, people and examples: “reptilian” hot-buttons, codes, focus groups 5. Using the Advertising Model in Politics: Political consultant Frank Luntz believes it doesn’t matter what you want to tell the public—it’s about what they want to hear. Significant terms, people and examples: dial-group testing for Florida utility company, estate tax vs. death tax, global warming vs. climate change 6. The “Narrowcasting” Future : Advertisers and politicians are using data—stored and analyzed by data mining companies like the Acxiom Corporation—to target whom to reach and what message to send them. Significant terms, people and examples: consumer segmentation, narrowcasting, voter profiling “The Persuaders” can be reviewed at the following link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/ persuaders/view/...
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