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311C F08 Exam1PQ - Bio311CExam1:PracticeQuestions

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Bio311C Exam 1: Practice Questions True/False. For each of the following, determine if the statement is true or false. If true, write true. If false, correct the statement or explain why it is false. C – H and O – H are both nonpolar covalent bonds. The pH of solution A is 3. The pH of solution B is 6. Solution B is two times as acidic as solution A. An ionic bond forms between a cation and a positively charged ion. Isomers have the same number of carbon atoms, but different number of hydrogen atoms. Isotopes differ in their electron configuration. All macromolecules are polymers. Messenger RNAs (mRNAs) carry amino acids to the site of protein synthesis. All proteins have quaternary structure. All lipids are built from fatty acids. Multiple Choice. Choose the best response. What is the approximate atomic mass of an atom with 16 neutrons, 15 protons and 15 electrons? a. 15 daltons b. 16 daltons c. 30 daltons d. 31 daltons e. 46 daltons The pH of a solution changed from 6 to 3. The solution: a. now contains 100 times as many OH - ions. b. now contains twice as many OH - ions. c. now contains 1000 times as many H + ions. d. now contains twice as many H + ions. e. now contains 1000 times as many OH - ions. What would be an expected consequence of changing one amino acid in a particular protein? a. The primary structure would be changed. b.
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311C F08 Exam1PQ - Bio311CExam1:PracticeQuestions

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