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ASTR1110 --- Prof Schneider --- Fall 2008 --- EXAM 1 – 28 September - SOLUTIONS INSTRUCTIONS: Write you name, ID number AND VERSION (A, B, etc.) on the SCANTRON form and on the back of the question paper. Bubble in your ID #. DO NOT FILL IN “TEST NUMBER”. Mark your multiple-choice answers in the SCANRTRON form and (for your benefit) on the question paper. There are 30 points in total - do all sides. Things you may (or may not) need to know: Pluto is about 40AU from the Earth 1 AU is about 150 million km The speed of light is 300,000 km/sec one year = 3.16 x 10 7 seconds F=GM 1 M 2 /d 2 G=6.67x10 -11 m 3 /(kg s 2 ) Earth’s radius=6738 km 1. Why does the moon rise and set? a) Because Earth rotates b) Because the moon orbits the Earth c) because the Earth/Moon system orbits the Sun d) parallax e) precession 2. Our solar system formed. .. a) Relatively shortly after the Big Bang b) very recently – less than a tenth of the way back in time to the Big Bang c) about a third of the way back in time to the Big Bang d) before the Big Bang e) on the back of a large turtle 3. Which of the following is the largest? a) distance to the star Polaris b) 1 light-year c) one billion meters d) distance to the nearest galaxy e) distance to Pluto 4. What would you notice if the direction of Earth's rotation about its axis were reversed? a) Seasons would occur in reverse order b) Stars would circle the North Star counterclockwise c) The sun would rise in the west d) all of the above (a, b and c) e) none of the above
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5. Stellar parallax is not visible to the naked eye. Which one of the following changes would make the greatest difference in making parallax easier to detect? a) make the Earth's orbit much larger. b) greatly increase the rate of precession. c) make the Earth move much faster in its current orbit d) significantly change the tilt of Earth's rotation axis. e) get away from streetlights. 6. Imagine that the Earth’s tilt were changed from 23.5 ° to 0 ° . How would this affect the seasons? a) We would no longer experience much difference between the seasons. b) We would still experience the seasons (for example, winter starting in December), but the difference would be much LESS noticeable. c) We would still experience seasons, but the difference would be much MORE noticeable. d) We would continue to experience seasons in the same way we do now. 7. Your body is made mostly of H 2 O. Where were the elements hydrogen and oxygen created ? (Note: I am not asking when the elements combined to form water). a) they were both created in the big bang b) they were both created inside stars and during stellar explosions c) hydrogen was created in the Big Bang, and oxygen was created inside stars d) Oxygen was created in the Big Bang, and hydrogen was created inside stars e) Hydrogen was created in the Big Bang, and the Earth creates oxygen atoms deep in its interior 8. For what dates and what locations on Earth is the sun directly overhead around noon?
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Astronomy - ASTR1110 - Prof Schneider - Fall 2008 -EXAM 1...

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