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Company Name Page 1 of 1 For Office Use Only Expense Report PURPOSE: Project 2 43562 PAY PERIOD: From 8/1/2005 To 8/30/2005 EMPLOYEE INFORMATION: Name Your Name Here Position Trainer SSN 500-77-9999 Department Human Resources Manager Mark Pryor Employee ID 123456 Date Account Description Hotel Transport Fuel Meals Phone Entertainment Misc Total 9-Aug-05 48900 Snacks for class
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Unformatted text preview: $54.80 $54.80 15-Aug-05 46780 Training Conference $375.00 $369.00 $295.30 $1,039.30 27-Aug-05 56850 Copying $78.95 $78.95 Total Err:502 Err:502 Err:502 Err:502 Err:502 Err:502 Err:502 Err:502 Subtotal Err:502 Cash Advances APPROVED: Michael Bates NOTES: Total Err:502 STATEMENT NUMBER:...
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