lists exam 2 - 6 Political pressure WHY ANNEX THE...

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AUTHOR’S AND TITLES OF IMPERIALISM 1) Frederick Jackson Turner- “The Frontier Thesis” 2) Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan- The Influence of Sea Power Upon History (1660- 1783) 3) Charles Darwin- The Descent of Man 4) John Fiske- American Political Ideals 5) Josiah Strong- Our Country MAHANIAN SUGGESTIONS FOR AMERICAN GREATNESS 1) Have a powerful navy 2) Large merchant marine 3) Foreign commerce 4) Control colonies 5) Establish naval bases 6) Control Caribbean 7) Build Isthmian Canal 8) Control the Pacific WHY WAR WITH SPAIN 1) Public pressure 2) The business community wanted a quick resolution to the problem 3) Yellow press 4) Lack of faith in Spain’s ability to carry out its promises 5) US support for Cuban rebels
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Political pressure WHY ANNEX THE PHILIPPINES 1) National honor 2) Commerce 3) Racial superiority 4) Altruism WAYS PROGERSSIVES WANTED TO CHANGE GOVERNMENT 1) Direct election of senators 2) Australian ballot 3) Referendum 4) Initiative 5) Income tax REASONS FOR WWI 1) Arms race 2) Imperialism 3) International treaty structure 4) Business 5) American banking interests 6) U-Boat attacks 7) Direct threat to US sovereignty POINT 14 ON WILSON’S 14 POINTS SPEECH The Creation of an international body called the league of nations to oversee international affairs and for nations to discuss their problems without warfare....
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lists exam 2 - 6 Political pressure WHY ANNEX THE...

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