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Chapter 5: Definitions p. 239, 243 Cost-Benefit Constraint : Suggests that the benefits of accounting for and reporting of information should outweigh the costs. Relevant Information : Information that can influence a decision; it is timely and has predictive and/or feedback value. Reliable Information: Information that is accurate, unbiased, and verifiable. Consistent Information: Information that can be compared over time because similar accounting methods have been applied. Comparable Information : Information that can be compared across
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Unformatted text preview: businesses because similar accounting methods have been applied. Conservatism : Suggests that care should be taken not to overstate assets and revenues or understate liabilities and expenses. Material Amounts Amounts that are large enough to influence a user's decision. Classified Income Statement p. 245-247 Net Sales Cost of Good Sold = Gross profit Operating Expenses = Income Tax Exp. Return on Equity, bottom 253-254 Return on Equity = Net Income / Average Stockholder Equity...
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