Acc 201 Chapter 7 part 2 final exam

Acc 201 Chapter 7 part 2 final exam - Straight line: (cost-...

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Perpetual vs. periodic inventory Perpetual inventory: detailed inventory record is maintained, recording each purchase amd sale during the accounting period. Periodic inventory: ending inventory and cost of goods sold are determined at the end of the accounting period based in a physical count. Chapter 8 : Fixed Assets Cost principle p. 401, 405: all reasonable and necessary expenditures made in acquiring and preparing an asset for use should be recorded as the cost of the asset. Matching principle : requires that expenses be recorded when incurred in earning revenue. Straight Line , double declining, unit of production equations
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Unformatted text preview: Straight line: (cost- Residual value) * 1 = depreciation expense useful life Double declining: (cost- accumulated depreciation) * 2 = depreciation expense useful life Unit of production equations: (cost- Residual value) * actual production = Depreciation expense estimated total production How managers choose p. 414-415, 419(bottom), 421(bottom) Whatever one of the methods above is most system matic, usually straight line depreciation. Depends what the objective is: report higher income than straight line, less income and less taxes than double declining....
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Acc 201 Chapter 7 part 2 final exam - Straight line: (cost-...

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