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GOALS - GOALS Educators understand respect and validate the...

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GOALS: Educators understand, respect, and validate the diverse needs of children entering the early childhood classroom; they hold high expectations for achievement for all students. Educators develop a self-awareness of culture and the role it plays in their beliefs, attitudes, and expectations. They also seek an understanding of how diverse cultures are expressed through schooling, communication patterns, and child rearing. Teachers and others work as a team to design developmentally appropriate curriculum and instruction that not only meets the needs of individual children but also reflects the diversity of the group. Teachers have a repertoire of developmentally appropriate, research-based learning strategies that are known to be successful in working with children from a variety of cultures and children with disabilities. The classroom environment reflects diversity in the selection of books and other learning materials; the classroom is set up to provide barrier-free access and to promote interaction among all students. Sustained professional development supports the educational team in developing self-awareness, a base of knowledge, and skill in working with diverse groups of students. Teachers are familiar with resources in the local and global community that can support efforts to meet children's diverse needs. Parents are involved in decision making at the school to ensure that programs are culturally sensitive and meet the needs of students and families. Children whose first language is not English are supported in use of their home language while learning English. Children respect and value the diversity in the classroom and in the local and global communities.
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ACTION OPTIONS: The school community can take the following steps to implement an effective early childhood program that takes into account the diverse needs of young students: Administrators: Regularly review school and district policies related to educational equity , and develop policies essential for achieving developmentally appropriate practices . Provide adequate staffing and assistance to meet the many needs in diverse classrooms.
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