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Facts bout the Normal Distribution (Random Variable) 1. The Normal Distribution is completely determined by: a: mean, μ (population) X is the mean of a sample drawn from that population b: Standard Deviation, σ (population), S is the standard deviation of a sample drawn from that population 0.34 Total area of graph would be 1 -1 1 x P(-1<Z<0)=0.3413 3. The normal table only applies to standard normal random variables 4. A standard normal random variable has μ =0 and σ=1 is denoted by Z.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. X is a normal random variable with μ =0 and σ=2 P(14<x<18) Any normal random variable can be converted into a standard normal variable by standadizing it. To standardize any random variable we 1. Subtract the mean 2. Divide by the standard devation 3. or use: Problem 8.61 Mean of 75 months SD of 8 months Manufacturer wants to replace on 1% of TVs, what should warranty be? 2. The normal distribution is symmetric about its: mean σ μ-= X Z...
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