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Environmental Policy and Politics Midterm 1) 3 Perspectives on Environmental Policy: a) Science and Technology i) Use science to remedy ii) Need more knowledge iii) Optimistic iv) Politically neutral and popular b) Economic i) Structure of market incentives ii) Pessimistic iii) Government regulation of market and behavior or Free market c) Ethics i) The morally responsible route ii) Utilitarian- better to, than not to. 2) 1 st Generation a) Air Policies i) Clean Air Act of 1963- provides for pollution research ii) CAA Amendments 1970- regulates car emissions and fuels iii) 1990 Amendments- includes the precursors to acid rain iv) DOES NOT REGULATE CARBON DIOXIDE b) Water Policies i) Water Pollution Control Act of 1948- research
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ii) 1965 Amendment iii) Clean Water Act of 1972- sets high goals and standards iv) 1987 Amendment- loans for cities to create treatment plants. 3) 2 nd Generation a) Toxic and Hazardous Waste 4) 3 rd Generation a) Climate Change b) Biodiversity c) Pollution Control 5) Issue Network- Concerned with the overall broad issue. Wants a policy passed. 6) Policy Network- group that is concerned with certain specific policies. Holds a position on certain policies. 7) 6 Types of Policy Networks: a) Bureaucratic- the government is the main initiator of policy with minimal public influences. b)
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ENV MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE - Environmental Policy and Politics...

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