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Study Guide - Psychology Review TEST #1 Development-...

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Psychology Review TEST #1 Development - systematic changes and continuities. Three broad domains: Physical, Cognitive and psychosocial. Bio-ecological Model - Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem and Chronosystem. Nature - Heredity. Maturation process guided by genes. Biologically based pre-dispositions. Biological unfolding of genes. Nurture - Environment. Learning; experience cause changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Scientific Method- Three critical features: Manipulation of independent variable. Random Assignment of individuals to treatment conditions. Experimental control. Verbal Reports- Often standardized interviews, questionnaires and/or tests. Limitations on usefulness. Respondents may falsely present themselves in positive manner. Behavioral Observations- Naturalistic . Advantages: Natural setting. Disadvantages: conditions not controlled. Structural . Advantages: cannot generalize to natural settings. Disadvantages: conditions controlled. Physiological Measurement - Assess physiological advantages. Advantages: hard to fake. Disadvantages: not always clear what’s being assessed. Experimental Method - manipulating or altering some variable to see how it affects the behavior of the sample. Advantages: establishes unambiguous causalities. Disadvantages: Application to real world. Ethical limitations. Correlation Studies-
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Study Guide - Psychology Review TEST #1 Development-...

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