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Kraft Outlines - Kraft Outlines 1-25 Environmental Problem...

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Kraft Outlines 1-25 Environmental Problem Air/water Public exposure to toxic chemicals Landfills Use of fossil fuel Climate change Destruction of ecologically critical lands Loss of biodiversity Environmental policy vs Politics Kraft argues that democratic environmental politics is essential to the development of effective public policy 3 Views of Environmental Problems 1. Science and technology -problems can be traced and tracked -great confidence in science and engineering -urge increased research and better monitoring -track trends over time 2. Economics -failure because of unfortunate imbalances of incentives -only with accurate price signals and revised accounting can we steer the nation into environmental stability 3. Values and Ethics -seriously deficient belief systems and values -values represent our personal values -values must change to change human behavior -changes in political, social, cultural, and economic institutions Evaluation Problems and Policy -identify the problems -measure problems -interpret and evaluate data -determine the policy implications 25-55 Environmental Policy: what governments do or do not do about environmental challenges Air Quality Most pervasive and long standing; ground level ozone, pm, and VOCs
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Water Quality Vital to life and nation’s economy; quality is affected by human uses; most difficult to measure Toxic Chemicals Industry depends greatly on toxic chemicals; amounts produced and number of contaminated sites are biggest worry Solid Waste By product of the consumer society; clogged municipal landfills
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Kraft Outlines - Kraft Outlines 1-25 Environmental Problem...

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