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Midterm Study Guide - Environment and Political Processes...

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Environment and Political Processes Midterm Study Guide 1. Democracy and Environment 2. 3 Paradigms 3. Trends of Env policy 4. How branches of government relate to one another 5. How env policy is made 6. Broad themes 7. 6 Steps of policymaking 8. Obama/McCain use of rhetoric for env policy 9. Salience—how an issue becomes salient in society Politics-whole range of activities that pertain to ordering the community towards some end (mediating competing claims w/out reverting to violence) Policy-an attempt to affect change or preserve status of political community through existing political processes Obama Cleaner energy Moral responsibility Pursuing American promise Faith and hope again in government McCain Climate change=real Limited government 3 Perspectives of Environmental Policy 1. Scientific (Platonic) a. Political neutrality b. Need more knowledge c. Use science to remedy problems
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d. Politically popular e. Optimistic view f. Government sets bureaucratic agenda, funding , tone 2. Economic a. Structure of market incentives (We are not rewarding right human behavior) b. Pessimistic view c. Government regulates market and behavior d. Free market solves all problems but problem is it takes a long time to even out (to solve problems and be economically successful) e. Constitution calls it necessary and property for Congress to control commerce and has some power to regulate 3. Ethics a. Do the right thing b. Responsibility to take care of environment c. Utilitarian (lesser of 2 evils) d. Responsibility to future e. Moderation f. Restraint of power Challenges to Env Policy 1. Huge costs when moving from reactive (remediation) to proactive (Ecological system management) society 2. Time factor-when will our actions start showing consequences? Have they already started? 3.
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Midterm Study Guide - Environment and Political Processes...

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