Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Human Development Development...

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Chapter 10: Human Development Development Developmental psychology – the study of how behavior changes over time Special consideration: Children’s development influences their experiences, but their experiences are also influenced by their development (bidirectional influences Experimental Designs Cross-sectional design – examine people of different ages at a single time point Longitudinal design – track the development of the same group of people over time Nature vs. Nurture They interact! Gene-environment interaction – the impact of genes depends on the environment in which the behavior develops Nature via nurture – genetic predispositions can drive us to select and create particular environments This often appears to be a pure effect of nurture Gene expression – some genes “turn on” only in response to specific environmental events Prenatal Development: From Zygote to Baby Zygote – fertilized egg Blastocyst – ball of identical cells, each with no specific function Embryo – second week through eighth week after conception, when limbs, facial features, and major organs take shape Fetus – ninth week of development through birth during which physical maturation occurs The Journey of a Fertilized Egg Obstacles to Normal Fetal Development Teratogen – environmental factor that can harm development Fetal alcohol syndrome Genetic Disruptions of Fetal Development Down Syndrome Premature and Low-Birth-Weight Babies Motor Development Reflexes – automatic motor behaviors, often present at birth 1
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Sucking reflex Rooting reflex Motor Behaviors – self-initiated body movements Nature (pre-programmed) vs. Nurture accounts Jean Piaget Assimilation Absorbing new information into current knowledge Four Stages of Cognitive Development in Piaget’s Theory Sensorimotor Preoperational Concrete Operations
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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Human Development Development...

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