chapter 2 solutions

chapter 2 solutions - ('1t,1?(N. Z 417f \, .C* l^u* -t'v t...

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('1t,1?(N. Z 3! 417f \, .C* l^u* "q,U -- t'v t l-, 4-" ,#, = t.oa lY? 3 wig im, t.ot1r(6t I --> ffi, =zs* l=, , ,r.qv6L >(.f krt3 kva( Yt'4vzrc1 fte H[]131: 'ffi; rfuff; fi-VA( -Tllv-7rcl rt> frcVt (+)W cleDnN trkfw A F/t firz?-Lti'vLv tt'r@> [DMec? vi,3 i'1 qchaJg wui $ltvurtftE (nlarYtrt'b - F \'tvtr<z Gtva>) ftro t*pr'Elate 6Nflnt9* @ Nfrtrnw(do7'b) - .-'\-.--\-/\,/\-/t =+.7t-e -------1 lr D ) u.L.r,Lrr X +1_ x t,V. lU rL,tl o LMtuu,) (AnnCtE- t /t i & 'tu 4trrt z.t xlL.-l"*t N &VNVNI. ^ - ., -->l , 'L,Y f'|/-) - [{t^_ v J I1 ,.v F'o'h ttf u*, o s'tiAU&tL {wwLffi"ifi Pffiitnr l Yn{d atv t- J[ 9/,Ez(LE> (,l M6( b6 w6tz. /,AA#' JUN a [IlAfftD to 4% fe{aun> Pt1 FtU o tiALtT B6 hsmwtq 0/4Mo qs Afth wAL EFVA fuvw> U A"), Nw*nLt Ctxlw a) rLourtr w*uD twt€ Euutl- +trMM> 'lo (nn'rr G) Qar66/at/2 b)4W tQ61" tlhtt 4 t,tt-'r'iuftflttLf t9 ,t"tA)CrYttV PeiTW :LlL CU/WCla tF vgLtn\(t lwl u'tu'2,r,!r1,tt-' 3{ rtLlritAttv:t}+L ef&,*. A) V^Vlu/ - Dt,'r.1Lt'rf& fZ" 6-' Z.g'dft''trnr . ll f.qi --=- X ;- lO-.t L
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@ a-) Rv6 b;) wut O FAv+f *c- d) wus - iil 72. ,.) ,, X ,r,! b) ft, yik:rr,$,{, sy4thL- f{cT/xh !'EUTUalt'z r;L6cutn-> U#/? tL'. . t2^ ^) "c i/ lo) z tA 1c 1) 2-t, Lr\ 1>'.{ t ^, k,tz*t rtftmc tuttz -n& fic{r46€ b'fu* Llt>ty q 1uo MYtzeu) tcetftw leaVl(t/[\xta,tfiJ) fr"5 thftt tl)1lP,lllc<, l[,tf >,tttitC Q:,\ltfi,c'7 4 ep-€,(tr t9owp6 y, ,o "[ tt,E9 .\iot*, za = * f
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2008 for the course CHEM 121 taught by Professor Wyzlouzil during the Spring '07 term at Ohio State.

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chapter 2 solutions - ('1t,1?(N. Z 417f \, .C* l^u* -t'v t...

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