chapter 1 solutions

chapter 1 solutions - cqr1wI t-l 'u) C l') N t\ b, .t) &....

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cqr1w I 'u) C l') N t\ b, .t) &. e) p C*tttvrtA Lr) Hrt-v,tt i) W0 Fe 4) ytosfrlou> -r) stu?e t-l @ Y@) @ d$x'\L ptNSl(+L'. Auttuf{ ,."*n) K:16V ) M&na_G; futtf = 4Za-L Hfrfu,-6s ' 3.S Mcl,t> r rl'lr.\srrra c(rlvr, (Ar wAt6,"nrl :;;! ;]:'1,'S: .f;"* ('At wt?tt m99etuLL"^ Vz4C4: 4crutt wrxrcvr;;;#; \L rnwir#:''psttx +r Pti$stc*v'. b7 c) VLtfrr.,ftfuys te A, pp,*e cHN@. (q) * d) cL) /i-lrp s A pvtw cil/v\te ,lg = s7 c^7'ui( 41"' {ylffi{r'r f,ttug :n) vralsz :c4 lD r vrro u) a) b.% Ftc'zL ^ fu . bq.g ntL L t) L.s X tc,-,'s ll,f b.5Vo) T c) ,1 sF-rc-I ,tt x tfu _ o.4snt/^ fur tqv ggysftTvx) / wvo N>r &L O |-tt, rrc-I ,m4 x e) rc.sxrc-t,b f 3.s n,"-'o bx / rc:' il,,L (; xt*x Iun It 4 t,a T' -:* x 'O'tF , )' ? q.B ^nu9 , t 'z lD'/tLk O,IZS ---+J\ "r 0,it- A4,^ 0 CL&W, t) ,b ,c' ,n>, b,srl ,au, S a Frcrt', r
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@ p-- W _r 1v,jlt,l ., : aA d +_ v"lwlt' ( l,s ot, t-rr*) 5 di" L b) fl,trrg '' I F wtud'll'r tcu( _ 5brl4Ti rc 4 0.s1ta1 g r o.ltoo L X tW . t3 t'* 7, ba'@te- fr,uLu (ot \tt;tcw fAcqwz fu' rs'T Affif{ t GALEU V*TD) ry .tref AK-euA(W u;dtuE t"5 rrs &uatrrtLt\-r Ie, 9*f E @*) Hnrup$ccr. -- a,urTl ?)l,rL V ts. Dt F VY = 101.3,,,t"1., u4ewllwfttL, '''ln*?, rrAfr vP cutg tu "rvLe) cML.
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2008 for the course CHEM 121 taught by Professor Wyzlouzil during the Spring '07 term at Ohio State.

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chapter 1 solutions - cqr1wI t-l 'u) C l') N t\ b, .t) &....

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