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Quiz 2 Key-1 - Dr.Loza Name Chemistry 121 Fall2008 Quiz 2...

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Dr.Loza Name Chemistry 121 Fall 2008 Quiz 2 Tuesday 8:30 am October 7,2OAa 20 minutes Rec.lnstr. ,,... * [5 1. (5 pts) Milliken determined the charge on an electron by studying the static t\w -' ' charges on oil drops falling in an elqtric field. Draw andlabel the Millifen apparatus .. /. r- \. apparatus.. /, 1_\. L^w ( r, LnMy a/,G€t! lwp @) t.rgg1{ )l : fnr,cr"xd. kiilr6u=nqttu,q*goq fu9 1'"1---i- nt,**u nne (,D f'* {cefiu( Crt4q: A student replicated the experiment using a different cfrarde on the oil drop. l,{ro w tB \Mat was the student's key observation? flvWP /urgLtr vesCAp U&A Weg 2. (5 pts) An atom of tin has a diameter oirfO"*,. A \Mat is the [email protected] of tin in meters? zexto*Bc,* ts : x ry = i..txro Z toc()etw 6D -ic {^ florrr many tin atoms would have to be placed side by side to span a distance of 9.0 pm? 4opuv 1lt x iD'r^ru lf you assume that a single tin atom is a sphere, what is the volume in m3 of a single atom? V = 4l3nra --o\ U = 4 G,i{Xr.,ncro-'",,D' = l.t Xlo-n ^? AD 3 3. (2 gts) \Mtat isotope is used as thestandard in establishing the atomic mass scale? tz| '' C rL Wba rZ b Q2A { Yo rtvvi- 7.Vyto-torw ffot YOU MUST SHOW ALL WORK TO RECEIVE rU[I- CNCOM
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" \ * i ,la PT Vwn hrf tQevflL Ltv 4NM $*w M^ , . , " 1 . q V*bY v Copper(t) oxide l1Y Dinitrogen tetroxide 'th(tl Barium bromate Nitric acid Neutrons 5O q. (4 pts)Fillin the gaps in the fouowing tabte: 5. (4 pts) Label as ionic or molecular: BzH6 CHgOH LiNOs SczOs lbgl-tt le lb'E&'l6 IoLiC LoLtC 6. (5 pts)Name the following compounds: cao CA,t Ctt ttt 7a|W Nazsoa %DtV,tt. t\) tfqfE: KCloe Tc:'ffiEtlvap MfiI|WEATL NOz N:WtE€:NS Dld<"tw HsPoa ?dasPHoaL ftC{D ?
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