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4-23-08 notes - positive expectancies related to alcohol...

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Notes : 4/23/08 Media literacy lessons are better than restrictions (house rules, censorship) as a strategy to prevent harmful effects on kids Restrictions (house rules, censorship) are better than media literacy lessons as a strategy to prevent harmful effects on kids Media literacy stimulates critical thinking and increases awareness of ethical issues surrounding media violence After program, kinds expressed a more critical attitude about media creator responsibilities Associated clips with high risk factors Learned to inquire whether media content is true, accurate, ethical Intervention prevented some increase in
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Unformatted text preview: positive expectancies related to alcohol • Literacy can reduce expectancies and the propensity toward an unhealthy behavior by affecting decision-making • Gender sensitivity is key in message design • Literacy increases skepticism toward media… and also increases desirability? • Parental mediation: active, restrictive and co-viewing • Increases critical thinking • Rules will not stop kids from watching • Program rules more time spent doing other things • Mediation reduced relations between news exposure and emotional responses • Media literacy may enhance emotional responses...
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