T2 A - Physics 1408 Test 2A (03/28/08) Name:_ 1. (1). A boy...

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Physics 1408 Test 2A (03/28/08) Name:_____________________ 1. (1). A boy is whirling a stone around his head by means of a string. The string makes one complete revolution every second; and the tension in the string is F T . The boy then speeds up the stone, keeping the radius of the circle unchanged, so that the string makes two complete revolutions every second. What happens to the tension in the string? (a) The tension increases to four times its original value. (b) The tension is unchanged. (c) The tension reduces to half of its original value (d) The tension increases to twice its original value. (2). A stunt person jumps from the roof of a tall building, but no injury occurs because the person lands on a large, air-filled bag. Which one of the following best describes why no injury occurs? (a) The bag provides the necessary force to stop the person. (b) The bag reduces the impulse to the person. (c) The bag increases the amount of time the force acts on the person and reduces the change in momentum. (d) The bag decreases the amount of time during which the momentum is changing and reduces the average force on the person. (e)
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T2 A - Physics 1408 Test 2A (03/28/08) Name:_ 1. (1). A boy...

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