chocolate rain - Jocelyn Thompson Chocolate Rain Analysis...

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Jocelyn Thompson Chocolate Rain Analysis HSEM 100-LC1 4 Sept 2007 After watching the Chocolate Rain video for the first time, I thought it was just another crazy, pointless video created to grab people’s attention. However, after carefully looking at the lyrics I realized Tay Zonday was using his bizarre video to address an important issue, to many intrigued viewers. Zonday used a catchy rhythm with simple lyrics that just stuck in one’s head upon listening to the song. It was obvious that Zonday wanted this song, his message, to be committed to memory. This is a song about racism and how it still exists. While many will claim that our race issues are in the past, this is just not true. While we have made advancements in abolishing racial boundaries, racism is just more subtlety suggested. For this message and the way in which Zonday delivered it I considered the man to be a genius. He created the subtle lyrics of the song in the same manner as the actual race issue exists. Many people do not realize how serious the song is until they really dig into it. I enjoy the correlations he made visually connecting the song with what he was singing about. Just because racism is not always present in an aggressive manner does not mean it does not exist. Racism is more of an understood wrong, therefore
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chocolate rain - Jocelyn Thompson Chocolate Rain Analysis...

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