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Thompson 1 Jocelyn Thompson Dr. Primiano HSEM 100-LC 1 13 September 2007 As most would presume, a student would be hesitant in reading any play, assuming the play to be another boring, even pointless part of the student’s class curriculum. To many of Dr. Primianos' students’ surprise Proof was an intriguing play that just pulls the reader in right from the first act and even more after Proof takes many twists and turns, making it hard to put the script down. As one thinks more in-depth about the play it is not hard to find oneself relating to or wishing to be one of the characters. Personally, I fell in love with the play, when the curtain took its final close I was left wanting more. My favorite character in Proof was Catherine. I feel that audiences could relate to her more easily in one way or another. Catherine, like most people, lives a life of secrecy, for fear of what others will think of how they may react to her. She was a mathematical genius like her father, but never let anyone know how much of a genius, like her father, she really was. Towards the end of the play, however, she finally felt not only confident enough but comfortable enough to share her talent with someone close to her, Hal. Catherine made the plunge, like everyone should at some point in their life, to open herself up to someone she cared about. Not only did she keep her talent from the world, Catherine also set her life on hold and took care of her father. She made a huge Word Count: 299/1,044
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This note was uploaded on 10/22/2008 for the course SEM 100 taught by Professor Bumbler during the Spring '08 term at Cabrini University.

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Proof - Thompson 3 Jocelyn Thompson Dr. Primiano HSEM...

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