Limbo - Jocelyn Thompson When one thinks of Limbo one...

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Jocelyn Thompson When one thinks of Limbo, one generally refers to this as a state of time in a religious sense. If one was to ask another what the first thing one thinks of when given the word Limbo it would almost always label it as a waiting place between heaven and hell. Although in this paper the author is speaking of Limbo as a station in life, for many it still has the same characteristics. Those in limbo are called straddlers. They feel this way because they have surpassed their parents’ social status; moving up in class. This leaves them in a social/professional limbo, not quite fitting in, in the workplace. Their “lower” class family and friends do not always understand what they have become and at how great a cost, while those of whom grew up in the middle class cannot connect with the straddler concerning their experiences and upbringing. Straddlers may share the knowledge to being a member in the middle class but that is not enough to truly feel a part of it. Straddlers are aware of their God given gifts and talents, they are aware of their blessings and what hard work truly means. They understand the sacrifices their parents made to give them the better opportunities. Straddlers work to get where they are and feel they cannot bond with those who do not have to work as hard, those of whom simply by birthright have a given station in life and opportunities not afforded those of the working class, thus leaving straddlers in limbo. It is moving up in
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Limbo - Jocelyn Thompson When one thinks of Limbo one...

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