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Rabbit Troop Steve Beckley, Seta Degann, Andrew Dixon Writing Assignment #1 When either a wave or particles are shot at a surface with one slit, the wave and particles hit a surface on the other side of the slit they create a single band pattern (i.e. a rectangle similar in appearance to the slit). The pattern shows where the most amount of energy (in the case of waves) or matter (for particles) hit. When we introduce another slit, waves and particles generate two different patterns at a macroscopic scale. Waves produce a series of bands, which is the result of the two slits creating two waves that interfere with each other.
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Unformatted text preview: Particles at a macroscopic scale, on the other hand, create a pattern of just two bands, which is a result similar to having just one slit. When scientists tried this experiment with electrons, the resulting pattern of hits was the same as those of a wave. When scientists wanted to investigate what was going on by placing an electron detector near one of the slits, the electrons produced a pattern like particles at a macroscopic scale. This result is strange because electrons behave as a wave under certain conditions, and as particles under other conditions....
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