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CSU, Fresno Writing Program  5B and 10 Portfolio Descriptive Assessments Rubric Dimensions We will assess each portfolio along the following learning outcomes:  READING/WRITING STRATEGIES: Demonstrate or articulate an  understanding of reading  or writing strategies  and assumptions that guide effective reading or writing, and how to  read  actively , purposefully, and rhetorically REFLECTION: Demonstrate or articulate  meaningful generalizations/reflections about  reading and writing practices  and processes SUMMARY/CONVERSATION: Demonstrate 
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Unformatted text preview: summarizing purposefully, Integrate “they say” into writing effectively or self-consciously, and appropriately incorporating quotes into text (punctuation, attributions, relevance) • RHETORICALITY: Demonstrate reading and/or writing rhetorically , discussing or considering consciously audience, context, purposes, and/or structural and conceptual continuity (i.e. rhetorical patterns) • LANGUAGE COHERENCE: Have developed, unified, and coherent paragraphs and sentences that have clarity and some variety...
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