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Design team one: the classifiers: vocab level, interest, etc of 7 th graders -classifying audience by features, classification-driven audience analysis -weakness: gap between audience analysis and textual action, stereotype reader -strength: realize needs and expectations of readers -Two: the intuiters: how they felt at that age, discussion and arguments over what’s appropriate to stimulate ideas -self-reflection and personal experience to imagine audience, intuition-driven audience analysis -create role that they want readers to fulfill -graphic designers -weakness: don’t check imagined reader against real reader
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Unformatted text preview: Three: the listeners: audience feedback to see what works and doesn’t, moment by moment view of reader-how readers interact with text, feedback-driven audience analysis-artifacts-participatory design All three agree: audience analysis should include a comparison of the communicator and the audience, an assessment of their respective knowledge, values and beliefs about the subject matter-visually structure documents so that main ideas catch the attention of busy readers, and use language to connect with readers...
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