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Geography Final

Geography Final - Chapter 10 – Central Asia*Aral Sea*a...

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Chapter 10 – Central Asia *Aral Sea *a “dying” lake *sources of water are the Amu Darya and Syr Darya *these rivers flow out the Pamir Mountains *dying due to more water being used for crops *Caspian Sea is the world largest LAKE *Pastoralist – Nomadic people who raise large animals *Transhumance – moving pastoralist *Religions in Central Asia – Buddhism, Islam, Roman Orthodox, and Jewish *Afghanistan and Tajikistan are Islamic fundamentalist *Theocracy- Religious States *Soviet Central Asia – Used to be in the USSR *Taliban arrived in Afghanistan and became more active after 9/11. *They fought against the Northern Alliance *Afghanistan cash crop is Opium. *The US and other Western countries are drawn to Central Asia for Oil. Chapter 11 – East Asia *Only part of China is considered East Asia *East Asia composed of China, Japan, S. Korea, N. Korea, and Taiwan *China population - 1.2 Billion people *Yangtze River is very important to East Asia.
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