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Islam *Kharija-kill infidels *Muhammad is prophet *Qu’ran words are uncreated *Allah is creator and ruler of the universe *Humans are impending judgment *Overtook Mecca-Worshipped in Ka’ba and destroyed idols *Shari’a-head and do God’s will *Sufi-Mystics *One pilgrimage *Lifelong obligation-confession *Avicenna-destinction b/t necessary and contingent *Shirk-anything creaturely with God *Avicenna-God is necessary *NO alcohol, gambling, or dating *Prayer day- Friday *Submission to one God, Muhammad is prophet, biblical literacy *Founder of Philosophy- Al-Kindi *Al-Farabi- blends Aristotle, Plato, Plotinus *Other Messenger-Angels, Jinn, Shaitin *Teachings of Muhammad-Hadiths *5 duties (Confession, daily prayer, fasting, almsgiving, Pilgrimage) *Four Systems-Figh *Parties-Murjites, Kharijites, Qadarites, Mutazilites *Averroes-Philosiphy and religious harmony *Suras are chapters *Al-Ghazzali-Reaffirmed Muslim orthodoxy Catholicism *Anselm-ontological proof of God *Dominicans were founded to fit people education
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