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Study Guide Exam 2 com 240 part 1

Study Guide Exam 2 com 240 part 1 - 2 Being on...

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Study Guide – Exam 2 – Com 240 Fall, 2007 My Office Hours for Monday November 5 th will be held in room 151 Com Arts from 3:00-4:30. External Communication Types of stakeholders : Those that help the org function, those that establish norms or regulate operations, those that affect or can be affected by the organization Ex: Investors, vendors, employees, customers, suppliers. Mission statements: 1. Define values 2. Reflect organization purpose 3. Clear goals Customer Service – Dissatisfied customers: Tell 10 people how bad the service is. Satisfied customers: Tells 5 people how good the service is. Boundary spanning: Jobs with the organization that deal with the “environment” beyond the organization. Ex: If teachers dose not come prepare, it will look bad on the college. Ex: bad intern, No more internships. Boundary activities: any job that it’s not isolated from others. 1. Point person for external audiences,
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Being on cross-functional teams and projects, 3. Working in human resources, 4. Logistics, 5. Market research, 6. Sales ANGEL – Customer Service through One-One Marketing (look under Week 4, customer service) Marketing What is marketing : all functions involved in selling a product or service. Things that you can’t control Conditions: Weather, politics, Competition : Other products, ideas Things that you can control Product: what is your product or service? What are the unique qualities? People: way would one your product or service? Why might some one need this? Place: where will your product or service be available? How can you get your product or service into Top of Mind awareness? Promotion: Message? Presenter? Channel? Who are your current customers? Price: how do you change? What is value? How much are people willing to pay?...
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