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Systems and Communication Networks (Chapter 4) Metaphor: organization as organisms System characteristics 1. Patterned activities: Working toward common goal. Ex: all MSU faculties working together to make it a better college. 2. Parts are interdependent: whole is grater that sum of parts. 3. Hierarchical ordering Super System: We are in the big 10, NCAA, and State of Michigan Sub System: We have Greek life, student orgs, different colleges, student organic farm, and different housing options. 4. Permeability: “things” move in and out of an organization Ex: coming students, gradates coming out System processes: properties Input: importation of energy, throughput, output, Negative entropy: idea of avoiding deterioration Ex: how to stay completive? Giving discounts Information input: Feedback Equifinality:
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Unformatted text preview: multiple means to same end Ex: Increase profit by: cutting wages, raising prices, etc. Organizational charts: See page 89 on book Communication networks Mode: Channel Ex: e-mail, phone, face to face. Density: Number or interconnections Ex: Group 3 most Density Strength: Time, frequency, Importance Ex: how often do people communicate with each other? Symmetry: people on same or different labels Ex : manager, CEO Uniplexity: One topic only Ex: work Multiplexity: types of topic in a work environment Ex: social, work related, innovation ideas Network Roles Isolate: no connection to others Group member: talks to others in same group Bridge: is a group member who also talks to others outside of group Liaison: a person who connects groups but is not a group member...
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